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We are here to serve our customers needs and help them solve problems, and we always appreciate getting referral emails like this one from one of our great customers.

For the last six years we have exclusively purchased our sprue bushings and posts for our 80/125/200/500 ton tools form Midland Technologies.  Previously we had local shops make them and they just never lasted.  As soon as we tried Midland we had a night and day difference in bushing life.  They have a special way of channeling the water through the bushing, thread the sleeve onto the bushing and hermetically seal it.  I can’t even remember the last time we had a leaky bushing at the sealing surface.  I can remember A LOT of bushings cracking at the weld seam.

You send them the cad data of the post and bushing and they send you a complete product ready to put in the die. Runners and ejector pins are cut in and ready for service. They also have very good customer service and are very responsive on those occasions when you need to order things that should have been ordered three weeks ago, you know how that goes…

Cost is VERY attractive.  I have had a lot of other places quote our bushings so that we had a backup source, and no one was even close to Midland on price.  Some places were more than double their cost.

Steve Kreun was my contact and would be the best guy to talk with.  I am sure they’re over in your area enough to stop by and show you all the other products they have as well; Jet coolers, vent blocks vacuum blocks, etc…