Finally we've arrived and it's paradise.

Finally we've arrived and it's paradise. I'm blown away by the setting and the atmosphere here in Cebu, Philippines. The race started a few years ago as a low key event with a lot of spirit and a few hundred athletes. Fast forward 5 years and it's set in the fancy pants Shangri La, with over 2150 athletes and an impressive pro list. For those interested, the start list is like no other.

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Pete Jacobs has won here three times. There's Cam Brown, Macca, Ben Allen, Courtney Atkinson as well as Brent McMahon, Justin Granger and Freddy Crohneberg. Plus many more but let's just say there's current and past world champions, olympians and some solid, consistent athletes. It's great to see returning faces here - Belinda Granger, Bree Wee, Caroline Steffen and Monica Torres. I love watching the pro race play out but I'll be busy racing myself. I haven't seen the course here as the last time I raced this distance in the Philippines, the race was help In CamSur but from what I've heard, the atmosphere is electric. WIth an estimated 100,000 spectators lining the course, marching bands, locals, families, volunteers and that spirit like no other I'm really looking forward to the excitement of it all come Sunday. Of course heat is a factor - that goes without saying. It's much hotter than Thailand and the humidity is also higher. Not one female in my age group ran under 2 hours last year so that's saying something. There's a lot that will go into managing fluids, nutrition and keeping the body cool.

Of course I have to mention how grateful I am to many people - Freddy from Alaska who makes this all possible, the staff from Sunshine Events for organising every single detail, Shangri La for putting us in the most luxurious accommodation, friends who love & support me and Brooks, Capilano, Hammer Nutrition and Gromet Sports Gear xx

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