The Headline Hacks Guide To Great Headlines

As a blogger it would be wise to learn how to write really good headlines, this is something I haven't seen much people talk about.

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But, it's something I've learned at the beginning of this year.

Look, blogging is a business and you should treat it that way. Its a way to connect with your readership and provide them with some serious content so they continue to come back to your blog.

Your Blogging Purpose

When you started blogging did you have a purpose behind it, I sure didn't when I started but I do now.

To me blogging should be about building your list and connecting to your readership. Its about providing the best possible content that will help people in their business and establishing trust.

Remember that even if you're building your business online, is all about connecting. Doesnt matter what strategies you're using.

Lets name a few:

  1. Blogging When you blog you provide quality content and connect with people that leaves comments.
  2. Video Marketing Best way to connect with people because they are seeing you and getting to know you.
  3. Facebook Marketing A lot of people screw this one up but the people that are having success with FB is because they connect with other people.
  4. Email Marketing If you want to monetize your list then you need to connect with people, providing good content and providing help.

It really doesn't matter what strategy you use is all about connecting with people, there is no way around that fact.

The Headlines Hacks

So, to connect with people with your blog first you need readers that like your content and want to follow you. A good way to do this blogging is creating headlines that will attract people.

Jon Morrow mentions 6 different types of headline hacks, each with a really great way to get peoples attention.

These are the headline hacks he mentions in his eBook:

  1. Threat Headlines
  2. Zen Headlines
  3. Piggyback Headlines
  4. Mistake Headlines Irresistible Teasers from the Masters
  5. How To Headlines The Oldie but Goodie That Never Fails
  6. List Headlines Bite-Sized Content That Readers Adore

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