Randy Moss Cut by VikingsDo Birds have a legitimate shot at signing him?

Early this afternoon Minnesota WR Randy Moss was released unexpectedly by the Minnesota Vikings. The move came rather swiftly three weeks after the Vikings sent a 3rd round pick for Moss. After yesterday's loss to the Patriots moss went off on the media after being fined $25,000.00 by the NFL for not answering questions in his post game press conference. Moss stated yesterday that because of the fine he will show up to NFL mandated press conferences but only answer questions that he poses to himself. Regardless of the drama Moss brings off the field (nothing too serious in my opinion) do you think the Eagles would take a chance and sign Moss if available? Tell us what you think. Below is a definition of how the waiver system works in the NFL.

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The Waiver Wire works like this:

  • Team A signs Player X to a contract
  • Player X makes the roster and is on the team during the regular season
  • Team A decides it no longer wants Plaer X on it's roster
  • Team A terminates the players contract, releasing him from his duties
  • Before Player X becomes a free agent, he hits the Waiver Wire
  • When his name goes on the waiver wire, every team in the NFL has the option to pick up the players original contract (the one Player X originally signed with Team A)
  • The Waiver Wire is like the NFL Draft in that teams with the worst records get first crack at the players who have been released
  • Once a team passes on the player then they cannot go back and claim him
  • If no team signs the player, then he becomes an unrestrictd free agent.

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