My blog is going to be focused on technology.

Why? I have a better answer here. I have 20+ years of a career built around/on technology. I not only remember actively using floppy disks on a PC, I remember using cassette tapes. Going from the latter to the former, by the way, was an unreal experience. Unlike audio on cassette tapes, loading software from a tape meant starting from the beginning of the tape and having it "play" all the way to the point it got to the load point. No "forward-fast" option in this scenario. I followed the maturation of PCs from my trusty Commodore 64 to my current MacBook Pro Retina. (With my 27 iMac in my home office.) I was hooked on iDevices from the point the first flat-panel iMac was introducedand was thrilled with the first iPod.

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I've traveled networking topologies from Ethernet, to ARCNET, to Token Ringand back to Ethernet. My early networking experience was all self-taught. Oh, wait. All of it was. Sure, I went to classes because I decided that the school of hard knocks wasn't the best way to learn best practices. I was right. Nonetheless, I did some pretty cool things, and learned a lot along the way.

I dabble in mobile electronics with a passion. My colleagues are no longer surprised when a new handset comes out, and find that I already have the handset. I've quieted down my zeal to play with them however. I'm no longer quick to Jailbreak or Root devices; I have learned the virtues of letting others create their own problems.

If you ask me about the latest television or stereo equipment, I'll probably give you a blank look. Indeed, my television is a 35 Sony with a Trinitron tube. It won't do HD, which means I don't have any HD programming. (Or Apple TV, Google TV, or fill-in-blank-TV.) I probably watch four television shows religiously, but generally just listen to crime shows when I'm reading or doing things on my computer. I'm really that disinterested in television.

If you ask me about cars, I'll have a bit more of a chat. But, this blog is dedicated to my greatest passion, and area where I have the most knowledgetechnology in the workplace. This doesn't mean I'm an expert on all things workplace technology. I'm not. Nor do I claim to have all of the answers. But, I'm full of opinions I've formed after cursory or in-depth studying. Cursory if it's just the most boring thing in the world to me (think storage technologies). In-depth if I'm really fascinated by the subject (think wireless technologies).

What is the best secret you can learn from this introduction? Well, it's really no secret. If you don't like it, you have the freedom to point your browser to someone/something that is even marginally more interesting than my blog. I do this frequently; there are many sites where I get one paragraph into the content, and I go elsewhere.

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