Marketing giveaways

There are a few benefits to joining a giveaway in your niche. You want to build your list and giveaways can be a great place to start. You can also win cash prizes if you get the most subscribers or JV partners.

The basic giveaway allows you to give away one gift but you can pay an up grade fee and giveaway up to five gifts. The reason to up grade is that it gives you and your products more exposure. The number of visitors depends on the quality of the product you are offering. This is where good graphics and a good title and description of your gift will attract subscribers.

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Word of warning here. Never upload a PLR product up as is, on a giveaway. If you are considering using PLR, always read the license agreement to see if you can give it away. If you are going to use a PLR, you have to rewrite at least sixty percent of the book. Get new graphics and always change the title. Most PLR books are full of spelling and grammar mistakes and people who go to giveaways do not want to see the same product over and over. If you use PLR, without massive changes, you will ruin your reputation.

There is always conjecture whether the subscribers who get you free product will ever become buyers. There are so many free products available on a giveaway that some people just take the free gifts and immediately unsubscribe. However, it is an easy way to start building your list.

Most internet giveaways are geared around the Internet Marketing niche but there are also some on health and self improvement and these are very popular niches. You must have the appropriate product for that particular niche. So if you really want to enter these niches, create you own product and see how you go.

If you want to join a giveaway, all you have to do is type "giveaways" in your browser and you will see what is available. Once you join one giveaway, you will often be sent invitations to others.

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