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Today, pilates has found it's way into the workout programs of myriad populations because it can be tailored to a variety of objectives and fitness levels, from young athletes seeking to refine their skills and sharpen their competitive edge to seniors wanting a better quality of life through greater functionality, mobility, vitality and longevity. If you are looking to improve your coordination and kinesthetic prowess, physical well-being and/or quality of life through an enjoyable proven method of proprioceptive stimulation and somatic contemplation then pilates may just be the fit for you. If you are looking for a high intensity, skilled performance oriented workout, movement patterns and progressive sequences can challenge the most gifted dancers or serious athlete. If you are a soon to be mom or seasoned exerciser needing to offset risks for osteoporosis or arthritis pilates programs can be tailored to your needs and designed to get you the results you are seeking.

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The late Joseph H. Pilates, founder and pioneer of contemporary pilates, said his conditioning method which he called "Contrology" was ahead of it's time. He believed the stress of modern living was making people ill and he was offering a method back to the joys of living well happy and fit. He understood the amazing health and wellness benefits of his practice but said it would be another fifty years before his method really caught on in the mainstream. Kudos to Joseph. That day has finally arrived and pilates is one of the most popular methods of exercise today not because he said so but because it works. Not only is pilates fun to do it delivers results: both those geared toward fitness enthusiasts and those oriented with therapy in mind. Pilates truly reforms bodies and transforms lives. As a teacher and pilates practitioner I hear about it everyday.

Reform your body and transform your life practice pilates,

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