I got to go to my first session as a member of Alex...

I got to go to my first session as a member of Alex Jeffrey's latest mentorship class the other day. I was pretty excited in the days before the first webinar but I am even more excited now!

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I have no doubt that by the time this class is over, my Journey to Financial Freedom will be well underway. It is no wonder that so many of his former students now have very successful network marketing businesses. They have taken what Alex Jeffreys shared with them and they are now sharing those same strategies with others.

The whole basis of his teaching is that by helping others to succeed you will become successful yourself. If you want your home based business to become even more successful, then simply continue to help others become successful. It is not rocket science but it is working like crazy for Alex and his former students.

I learned so much from our first session but one of the key things that hit home for me was to stop trying to sell to other people. The old way of thinking is that if I want to have a successful internet marketing business then I have to sell lots of stuff to make lots of money. The better way of thinking is to give away valuable stuff that helps other people and in the end you will have made lots of friends and you will all be making money.

Another thing that is necessary to be successful is focus. Focus on your goal and don't be distracted. Make a plan and stick to it. Hold yourself accountable to get your work done. Enjoy what you are doing.

I also have to mention this. There is a forum for current students and former students are also allowed to be involved and offer their help. I've joined many forums in the past but this group has just blown me away.

There are so many people willing to help you out with whatever you need. You just mention that you would appreciate help with something and there are multiple people jumping in right away to give you whatever you need.

I know that I will definitely be taking advantage of all this help that is available. And then of course I will be able to share it with others like you.

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